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How Much Is My Collection Worth
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----- How much is my collection worth? This is a question that all collectors will ask themselves at one time or another. In my opinion, your collection actually has three different values: Insuring Value, Selling Value and Sentimental Value.

The Insuring Value can be determined by using one of the published value guides. Value guides can be found in either print or database versions. Value guides will give you a secondary market value for each item. The database versions will allow you to select which items you own and will compile a listing of your collection with the total value. The insuring value is basically what it would cost you to replace your collection. This is the value that you give your insurance agent when insuring your collection. (See also Hallmark Publications - Value Guides)

The Selling Value is what you might expect to get if you were to sell items from your collection or your entire collection. You will find that this is not equal to the Insuring Value. In general you will not be able to sell your collection for the secondary market values listed in the value guides. (See also Selling Your Collection)

The Sentimental Value is of course, what your collection is worth to you. Many of our Hallmark ornaments represent family members, special friends, or special moments in our lives. This makes many of the items in our collections priceless.

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